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Our policy of allocating the most suitable candidates to specific skill areas or industry sectors ensures that we have an excellent knowledge of the specific market in which you or your company may operate and this helps match both the recruiter and the jobseeker with the best possible options  

This is complimented by the fact that we have very experienced consultants that have come from various backgrounds themselves meaning we are able to very accurately assess and find you the most suitable positions or candidates to make a lasting impression and to successfully match­


  • Manufacturing - Maintenance Tech - Warehouse & Distribution - Retail - Customer Services

  • Insurance - Finance - Real Estate - Help Desk - Office Support - Legal - Markerting


  • Clerical & Administrative - Banking - IT - Transport - Media - Call Centre - Accounting
  • Merchant Services - Utilities - Energy - Telecoms & Communications - Engineering


  • Recruitment - Leisure - Tourism - Hospitality - Travel - Medical - General­

Recruiting for the right candidate to fill a current job vacancy takes time and getting it wrong can be very expensive for companies.

Traditional recruitment companies and agency fees are expensive, especially when you also take into account all of the other costs associated with filling a job vacancy such as, your own valuable time, placing countless ads, managing the whole process, briefing the recruiter, reviewing the CVs, holding numerous interviews, sending out offer letters and contracts and carrying out new employee inductions and training .. .this is where we can help.

We offer Worldwide Low Cost Recruitment Agency Solutions - Saving Businesses Thousands of Pounds in Recruitment Fees

We fully understand these costs and have developed a unique business model that combines the very latest technology with more traditional recruitment skills to create for our clients a very effective low cost recruitment service.

BPG Recruitment

We use a very wide range of sourcing for candidate targeting including active and passive job seekers.

Our methods range from job ads, CV database searching, emails, social networking, LinkedIn sourcing, search & selection and referral schemes.

Worldwide Recruitment
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Global Recruitment Specialists

Whatever type of business you may be in, you could be an accountant or solicitor, a sales person, a bar person or owner, a delivery driver, a director or co worker in fact it doesnt really matter.Our Programme is designed for people or businesses who can provide us with new leads on a regular basis.

We do not expect you to actually sell anything, just to refer potential clients to us and we will do the rest.

We are committed to Businesses of all sizes in the UK and Ireland and that’s why we introduced a scheme to give back something to the businesses that we want to help. Apply    New!  We have just introduced an App that will help generate business from our Introducers..  See More


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Business Development

We set clear targeted objectives for our agents where you will play a direct role in any company's success and are key to our objectives.­

This makes the sales department the most important part of supply and demand of our partners Business Services products.­

Because of this the field agents have several duties and responsibilities within the company including client identification and developing new business.­

By working alongside many of the top Business Services Companies throughout the UK and EIRE we are able to achieve our goals whilst at the same time providing them with huge savings.. Apply