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We will scrutinise your existing bills and contracts to find better deals and cheaper suppliers whilst making sure that you get the right tariffs and rates.

We get paid by the suppliers not our customers

We provide a solution that is right for you

We fully understand our customers needs and we can provide a fully tailored solution that will make a real difference to your business

We can help you become more productive, whether you are a small business or a large corporate

As independent providers, we offer you bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements

Finding the right Rates & Tariffs is essential in todays climate

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Point of Sale - Card Processing - EPOS Systems - Electricity or Gas - Telephone Lines, Calls & Broadband - Business Finance - Tax Relief


"First time Better Price Group showed me that I had paid too much for accepting bank cards in the shop.

They halved the cost for the same service and even my new terminal is quicker. Later they offered to lower my electricity bill.

We signed up without hesitation saving over £50 on each bill from next month. Only I regret we didn't do it earlier" Patrycja, Dominika Shop, Lisburn

Merchant Services




Energy Procurement
Card Payment Terminals
Business Telecoms
Business Finance

We are not tied to any given supplier which gives us a unique advantage and allows us to offer you the best packages available to help you save money

We do not pass on your enquiry to a third party to deal with as we work with all of our customers directly on a one to one basis

"We had been turned down by two providers for a Merchant Services account for our new business because our type of business (tiles and flooring retail) appears to be classed as high risk by the Merchant Banks. The potential negative effect of this could have ended our business before we had even got started. Thankfully we found David Mulholland of BPG in Northern Ireland, who helped us through the application process, and as a result we were accepted and operational within a short timeframe.

We would highly recommend BPG to any other business in a similar situation"  Florence Allen & Steve Lovesy at Island Mill


What would you like us to help you with?

Let us show you where you are being overcharged

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RD Tax Relief

Tax Relief

The answers are very simple   ....They want to get as much money out of you as they can before someone like us comes along to show you the overcharges and the hidden fees that you shouldn't be paying     

Some Important Questions Answered 

Are you a price comparison site?

No we are not a price comparison site. We work directly with the providers and our customers and do not pass on your details to third parties.
Comparison sites will recommend the most suitable "price comparison" companies who pay them the higher commissions. Be Warned!

How much does it cost me for your services?

We will never charge you any fees for recommending any of our partners


Who do you recommend for these services?

Working alongside many different partners from many different services, we will recommend every business on merit the most suitable companies for any chosen service after taking into account all of their needs and priorities


Belfast Pub Saves £896..Lisburn Retailer Saves £946.. Liverpool Hairdresser Saves £800..Glasgow Café Saves £396

Your current Utilities contracts could be costing you more money than you should be paying