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We are not tied to any given supplier and we do not pass on your enquiry to a 3rd party.
This gives us a huge advantage and allows us to offer you the best packages available. 
e work with all of our customers directly on a one to one basis

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Point Of Sale Options For All Types Of Businesses

Fixed Countertop Terminal
Mobile GPRS Terminal
Bluetooth, Wi Fi Portable Terminal
Point of Sale Systems
Virtual Terminals

Chip & Pin Card Terminals

EPOS Systems and Cash Registers

Choose from fixed countertop, portable wifi and mobile gprs

Virtual Terminals

Payment Gateway

Everything you need to start processing payments online

Start taking customers payments by phone or mail 

State of the art Systems
for Retail and Hospitality

Payment Gateway


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Whatever the size of your business we can help. If you already accept credit and debit card payments or even if you are taking over an existing business already accepting cards, our free rates review service could reduce your annual costs significantly


"First time Better Price Group showed me that I had paid too much for accepting bank cards in the shop.

They halved the cost for the same service and even my new terminal is quicker. Later they offered to lower my electricity bill.

We signed up without hesitation saving over £50 on each bill from next month.
Only I regret we didn't do it earlier" Patrycja, Dominika Shop, Lisburn

"We had been turned down by two providers for a Merchant Services account for our new business because our type of business (tiles and flooring retail) appears to be classed as high risk by the Merchant Banks. The potential negative effect of this could have ended our business before we had even got started.
Thankfully we found David Mulholland of BPG in Northern Ireland, who helped us through the application process, and as a result we were accepted and operational within a short timeframe.

We would highly recommend BPG to any other business in a similar situation" Florence Allen & Steve Lovesy at Island Mill

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